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Stay True to Yourself

Jan. 5, 2010 (3 views)

Sometimes I stray away from my purpose and pander to what I think others think. I think I just did that. I don't mind posting things that Filipinos might be proud of, or sort of inside Filipino read on


Real vs. Reality

Aug. 26, 2010 (3 views)

While Miss Philippines was being a dumb ass for all the world to see during the Miss Universe Pageant, real shit is happening in the Philippines. Real Pinoys are trying to take back their US-backed read on


Language Preservation

Sep. 22, 2009 (3 views)

The dissertation of Cecilio Lopez (1928) addressed the question and responded that the differences can be compared to those of Spanish and German, two members of the Indo-European language family, but coming from separate subfamilies


Racist Rant

Sep. 3, 2010 (2 views)

So, I just saw this today. I only watch the "news" for noise, but this story definitely caught my attention. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. Yes, pissed off was my first reaction. But maybe it read on


Reflections in my back window

Sep. 22, 2009 (1 views)

My Parents have lived in the same place in Southeast San Diego for almost 30 years. As my car sat in the garage, a reflection of the neighborhood shown on my back window. I thought it looked nice read on


When History is Everyday Life.

Jun. 26, 2010 (1 views)

I saw the embedded video about Imelda Marcos earlier this year. Through it, I was able to learn more about modern Filipino people in general. Many Filipino people share the same idealism that is just read on


Giving Props to 6th Grade

Mar. 28, 2010 (1 views)

We laid to rest one of America's greatest Teachers last weekend. Even as I write this short memorial, it's hard to complete sentences without rambling about all the details of the 6th Grade. John read on

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