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Sep. 22, 2009 (3 views)


Letter of Apology...Carrying the Heavy Weight of the Tragic Misdeeds of Others

Aug. 27, 2010 (3 views)

August 23, 2010 "A letter from a teenage Filipino to the WHOLE WORLD" As you are reading this letter, I bet that you have seen/heard about what happened earlier in our country. Tourists were read on


Human Capital

Oct. 11, 2010 (2 views)

I found this from a post by my Uncle in Vancouver. The video above is of Solita Monsod, and this was her last lecture at UP. Beyond her message of honor and integrity to be true leaders of today read on


Language Preservation

Sep. 22, 2009 (2 views)

The dissertation of Cecilio Lopez (1928) addressed the question and responded that the differences can be compared to those of Spanish and German, two members of the Indo-European language family, but coming from separate subfamilies


Job Choices

Oct. 11, 2010 (2 views)

What to do? what to do? Tough times call for tough decisions in this US economy. Just thinking of the sacrifices my parents made for me to go to college makes me want to remind others some of the read on


My Mother the Racist

Jun. 18, 2010 (2 views)

My Mother hates Mexicans she thinks she's better than all of them for some reason. She hates my husband, screamed out of the top of her lungs that he is Mexican trash. That Mexicans are dirty and read on


Buy All the Things I Never Had

Aug. 26, 2010 (2 views)

The video posted is an accoustic version of Billionaire By Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars, who happens to be half Puerto Rican, half Filipino from Hawaii. I like the sound, but the lyrics strike a read on

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