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Posted Sep. 29, 2010 by Rex Jaime

I remember when I first pursued the execution of this website.  I flew to Vancouver, to check out first hand how things were going with the developers at HopStudios.  As I exited the airport, a guy held up a sign, “Welcome Lea Salonga.”  I didn’t know she was sitting on the very same plane I came in, and was walking a couple hundred feet behind me.  I didn’t know how to react, and eventually did nothing, just watched her go by in silence.  Once I got to my hotel I was curious to verify on the internet if that was really her, and sure enough she was performing at a local Casino in Vancouver.  Now, I didn’t go…but it was a sign of sorts for me, passthequilt, famous Filipino Voice…the site must go on. 

Looking back, I recognized her as a distant Icon, but with a singing voice that transcended boundaries.  I don’t think she pierced the bubble of mainstream pop culture in the US, but certainly she was highly recognized among those in the arts.  Listening to her speak in the video above, I am still amazed with her voice, the youth and energy it still commands (it makes the bad audio still good), and I find it interesting that she is sans a noticeable Filipino accent.  Her diction and speech is…like mine?  The pre-Pacquiao International Icon sounded American. 

I’m interested in seeing the face of Filipino international success in the future and what it sounds like. 

What will Charice sound like in 10 years?  What will Manny Pacquiao sound like if he decides to continue building upon his new found adoration on American soil? 

More broadly as our paths of diaspora continues its rapid course, I find it interesting to know what the faces look like of those who identify with being Filipino.  I’m a little surprised sometimes on who I find eight ray suns tattooed.  I give them a nod, not necessarily for the tattoo, but for having a sense of pride…

...And will all these changing faces and voices have a home in the Philippines in the future?

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