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My Mother the Racist

Posted Jun. 18, 2010 by cayelanistudio

My Mother hates Mexicans she thinks she’s better than all of them for some reason. She hates my husband, screamed out of the top of her lungs that he is Mexican trash. That Mexicans are dirty and lazy. Shame. If she only knew that the Spaniards came from Nueva España which later became MEXICO and ruled Philipines from MEXICO until 1815 after MEXICO won their independence from Spain. So before anyone, especially Filipinos starts bantering ugly racist things everyone needs to look up their history first.

I strongly believe that you live by the way you judge. When you point at someone and judge the so viciously you have three fingers are pointing back at you so you better make sure your hands are clean. My mother is no better than anyone, I’ll be the first to say. Her image is all a lie. and I’ll say it again:

Today, like before and many days to come - my name is truth. I will bathe in the light of truth good and bad.

How can you be so hateful to these people? My beautiful and innocent children that are half Mexican and Filipino and my hard working and loving husband. My family?

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