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Lost in America, Part I


Posted Nov. 11, 2009 by Anonymous Prime

This documentary discusses our Filipino American Heritage and immigration.  One thing I have always noticed is just how quickly we, as individuals assimilate.  And another thing I have noticed is that although our history here in the US runs just as long as many others, Filipinos still are not as visible in the mainstream.  I think some extraordinary people are bringing attention to it, but it doesn’t feel like there is mainstream visibility of the communities, and the successes they have bred.  Filipino populations are viable across the US.  But, things seem to move under the covers.  People know where to find Chinatown’s, Little Italy’s across the country.  But it’s only amongst Filipinos that we know the National City’s, Daly City’s, West Covina’s, etc.  And it’s safe to say even amongst our own, we are oblivious to these places.  I had to have another Filipino convince me Historic Filipino town in Los Angeles deserves that title.  I don’t know of its relevance.  I just know more Filipinos live every where else in LA but there.  Yet Historic Chinatown still has a large Chinese Population there. 

We’re slowly gaining visibility in pop culture through TV talent shows, and a boxing icon.  But long before Manny Pacquiao and the Dance Crews, there were Filipinos out there earning their stripes, making things happen without fanfare.  It’s those voices I’d love to hear more often.  It’s those experiences we should rally a global community around and hold ourselves up and bring recognition to the world that we are significant.  If at worst, we should show each other we are just that.

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