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Manny Stops Cotto Before the Final Bell

Posted Nov. 14, 2009 by Rex Jaime

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for his stoppage of Cotto.  Cotto, was dropped in the 3rd and 4th, but it almost looked like a KO wasn’t going to happen as Cotto was satisfied to retreat for the last three rounds hoping for a one blow KO counter.  At one point Manny stood in the center of the ring with his hands down pretty much saying, “come-on, man.” 

Cotto effectively won the first round.  The second was closely contested and can be scored either way.  Manny took control in the 3rd round when he began effectively throwing a lead left, followed by a clubbing right hook that landed behind Cotto’s ear.  He was able to get his offense off and neutralize Cotto’s shots as he threw the combo and rolled to his right.  There were exciting trades up until the sixth round.  And then it became the Manny show until the fight’s end.  He took a few rests at times holding his gloves up in defense and clapping his gloves together demanding action.  But Cotto couldn’t get any effective shots in.  Even when Pac was against the ropes, he played a little rope a dope, to the unease of some of his fans.  But he eventually rolled out of any perceived trouble and took charge.  At the end of the night, Cotto wore a bloody mask which has been Pac’s Modus Oporendi.

On a sad and cautious note regarding sustained damaged.  These sustained displays of brutality should not be taken lightly.  On Friday night, Z Gorres was able to survive a late rally and knock down to earn a victory.  However, the damage he took culminated in a post fight collapse and subsequent brain surgery.  He remains in critical condition, in an induced coma that is to last for supposedly one week.  While we celebrate Pac’s victory, we should also keep our hopes and prayers for Z Gorres to pull through.

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