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Posted Jan. 4, 2010 by Rex Jaime

Sometimes life flips you upside down and you have to take a hiatus.  That was the case for me.  But now I’m back.  And I’m refocused.  Here’s how this thing’ll go.  Passthequilt will serve a repository of opinion and experience.  It’s open to anybody to publish what ever they have strong opinions about, or even push their passions and causes.  Use it for your organizations…anything. 

Every Wednesday, I’ll change up the main billboard and post interesting posts from what anybody posted up in the prior days.  No stories disappear, they will sit on here and this’ll be a historical archive for people to search.  It would be interesting to see what this accumulates over time, and see what people remember, think today, and feel about tomorrow.

It’s free, no strings, just trying to facilitate voice and capture opinion…even if it might just be my own…it’s worth trying…

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